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Memory analysis NLM for Novell NetWare 5.1 and 6.x servers.


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  • Updated:27 Feb 2007
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    Publisher:Mike Hasleton


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The use of SEG.NLM on a server having memory problems can decrease the problem resolution time. The statistics are taken from the Operating System itself and printed on a screen on the server once every 5 seconds, and to a file (sys:\system\seg.csv) once every 30 minutes (by default). SEG will also output once every 4 hours to a text file about the server's memory configuration (sys:\system\segstats.txt). There is a menu built in (use the slash key '/' to access it). The other features of the NLM are found on the bottom bar of the screen and are accessible by use of a function key.

    Customers that use this tool typically are troubleshooting memory leaks, memory hogs, or memory fragmentation issues on NetWare.

    Version 2.00.17.

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    Reader Comments

    • S-A-WEET! How 'bout an article now about how to interpret and use this wonderful troubleshooting tool?! With all this great information, I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking at. Thanks for the post!
    • Fantastic NLM. Where has this been?
    • Very Good
    • This replaces all of my manual tracking efforts. VERY cool, especially the Adv. function. Good job!
    • Great tool, the use of dark green on black can make some of the text hard to read and showing memory use in Bytes seems a bit over kill for large servers, but I can see this becoming a standard install on all my servers.
    • Wow! Since Novell changed how memory is used, this has helped me tremendously in tracking leaks and fragmentation. Very nice!
    • Very nice tool. Great work.
    • This is really a M U S T H A V E !!!!! Thanks.
    • Wow! This is cool tool. Thanks.
    • Great !
    • Fantastic good utility!! Thanks!
    • Pourquoi ne l'avoir trouve plus tot, en un coup d'oeuil nous avons tous les informations.

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